Hcg diet is one of the reliable weight loss plan. It is based on everyday consumption of a very low calorie diet coupled with 30 to 48 Hcg sub lingual drops. This combination will shed abnormal fat turning them into calories. as this fat loss hormonal plan has the protocol of 500 calorie s a day, many dieters feel worried about their daily appetite. Some end up on cheating which should be strictly restricted during the Hcg weight loss program. Cheating in this will not provide desired result. HCG Diet Info is available in various websites of different brands of HCG Diet.

What Happens If You Cheat On HCG Diet?

Cheating on Hcg does not only mean not following 500 calories a day but it can also be improper consumption of the hormone and taking poor quality of this hormone.

Not taking enough water and administering shots instead of consuming diet drops also falls under Hcg cheating.

Cheating on Hcg diet disturbs the normal functioning of the hormone and 500 calorie meals. Extra intake of calories can definitely bounce up your fatty tissues once again.

An Hcg dieter must continue the dietary and hormonal combination of vlcd and 30/48 diet drops everyday. This will shed 1-3 lbs abnormal fat into calories in just 24 hours. So, an obese planning to knock off extra pounds by 30 to 40 pounds can get his or her desired result in a week. However, one is advised to continue the diet plan for 44 days. HCG Side Effects are very rare.

Let us have a comparison, HCG Injections vs HCG drops. Here are some positive facts owing to which people prefer oral drops to injections.

  • No pain and muscle cramps.
  • Administered under the tongue.
  • Pre-mixed.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Acts faster as they dissolve faster.
  • Availability over the counter in drug stores and online.
  • No expiry date.
  • Comes with calibrated dropper.
  • No chance of contamination.
  • Can be self administered without anyone’s help.